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How Counselling Can Help Those Living With Schizoaffective Disorder
Not only does the condition itself pose major challenges, but it also impacts almost every other aspect of daily life [...]
Using Your Interests to Combat PTSD
People with PTSD relive the event, avoid situations that serve as a reminder of it, have negative changes in their beliefs [...]
My neighbour has a mental health issue & I’m calling the police
NOT SAFE FOR WORK - FREQUENT COURSE LANGUAGE It's 2.45am and I'm calling the police. This is the third night[...]
Walk For Awareness 2014
Highlighting mental health and suicide awareness in the community, sunshine, fresh air, good friends and like minded people all contributed[...]
Mental Health Advocate Conference 2015
To everyone living with mental health issues and those standing up and advocating for mental health we need a way[...]
Queensland Mental Health Act 2016 Implementation
The Queensland Mental Health Act 2016 has finally passed through Parliament on 18th February 2016. The big question is when will the changes start to be[...]
Queensland Mental Health Bill 2015 – Whats happening with it?
The review of the Queensland Mental Health Act 2000 has now morphed into the Queensland Mental Health Bill 2015. This[...]
Mental Health Bill 2015 – Consultation
As you are aware, a review of the Mental Health Act 2000 was commenced by the Department of Health in[...]
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